Sunday, April 22, 2012

ActionFest 2012 A Collection Still Photographs

I have recently returned from Asheville, NC and the third annual ActionFest. Here are some of my still shots culled from my footage of various panels and Q&As.

                                        Director of Sinners and Saints William Kaufman

                                     Director William Kaufman with Actor Tom Berenger

                                     Actor Jonny Strong with Director William Kaufman

                                       Legendary Stuntmen Mickey Gilbert and Jack Gill

                                                                Stuntman Jack Gill

                                   Festival Director Colin Geddes with Fight Director J.J. Perry

                                                              Actress Gina Carano

                                                           Actress Gina Carano

                                                    Festival Co-Founder Arron Norris

                                                                      Actor Cung Le

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