Saturday, November 2, 2013

R100 World Premiere Inteview with Hitoshi Matsumoto 松本 人志

It is always a great thing when a superstar actor/director from around the world arrives in Toronto for a world premiere of their film. Such was the case when Hitoshi Matsumoto was here for his latest film as a writer/director R100. His previous films, Big Man Japan and Symbol are great films that one can not easily categorize. Our time was short as these red carpet interviews are and made difficult as our conversation went through a translator and the crowd of adoring fans waiting for a glimpse or an interaction with their idol was a deafening roar, however I'm told by a Japanese friend that Matsumoto is rarely seen in this context as most if not all of his media dealings in Japan are done via a press conference. I believe we got to see an up close side of Mr. Matsumoto even if it was all to brief.

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