Monday, February 17, 2014

Avent Que De Tout Perdre (Just Before Losing Everything)

Last night I watched the 2014 nominated Oscar short films in the animation and live action categories. I was very taken with how engaging the stories were and the quality of the films. The entry from France Avent Que De Tout Perdre which translates to Just Before Losing Everything -- written and directed by Xavier Legrand -- really stood out for me.

What was so compelling for me is that the premise of the film, a woman leaving an abusive husband had such amazing cinematic suspense. The film felt very much like a cinéma vérité documentary but was a narrative fiction very much rooted in cinematic language. It captured the sense of urgency, danger and fear that a woman making this courageous decision would be feeling. It really brought us as an audience into the story and felt to me as though we were another member of the family right along side the main character. I know there can be a general cynicism with regards to the Oscar awards, however it is really great to see these kind of films, stories and talents receiving this kind of attention and exposure they may not receive without being nominated for an Academy Award. Here is the trailer, I urge you to seek out this film and it's powerful story. Avent Que De Tout Perdre is definitely truthful cinema.

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  1. Was the husband following her at the end in his white van? or was that a coincidence?