Thursday, April 2, 2015

SLUMS: CITIES OF TOMORROW Nicolas Reeves Interview with Robert A. Mitchell

The In Light Human Rights Documentary film festival took place March 5 to the 7th in Bloomington Indiana at Indiana University. Of the several films screened one of the highlights was Slums: Cities Of Tomorrow. Over one billion people on this planet live in slums. The film travels to several slums and squats all over the world. India, Turkey, New Jersey and Quebec to name a few. Many times these communities are looked at as the problem.

One of the major ideas in Slums: Cities Of Tomorrow is that we need to work with the people within these developments not against them. As the amount of space and natural resources on this planet continue to diminish we need to reevaluate how we all live together.

Nicolas Reeves is a researcher, artist, curator as well as an architect. He has a BS and a MS in physics from the University of Montreal and a MA in architecture from MIT (Cambridge). I was able to sit down and talk with Nicolas Reeves about the documentary and his ideas.

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