Tuesday, December 15, 2015

THE LEGEND OF WASCO: RELEASED TODAY! The True Story Behind The Viral Sensation

Today The Legend of Wasco gets out of it's tiny clown car and arrives in Redboxes, iTunes, Vudu, Xbox and will be seeing a DVD release January 5th, 2016. In June I traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to be a day player on this film. I play Detective Palmer.

A synopsis: Future brothers-in-law Tyler and Byron bond by dressing as the Wasco Clown and taking pictures that spread across the internet, a viral hit overnight. What starts as great fun turns deadly as the very real Wasco Clown returns to terrorize the town. A tale of legend come to life, a test of the friends’ courage to overcome their fear of a circus nightmare, resurrected. 

A lot of folks worked hard to pull this film off. It was co-directed by Shane Beasley and Leya Taylor who previously have worked on the films Found & Headless. The screenplay was written by Nathan Erdel who wrote the film Headless and produced by Scott Schirmer who wrote and directed Found. Here are a couple of stills from the film. Jason Crowe, Dan Nye, Jessica Schroeder play the leads in the picture. Brian Williams did the cinematography.

                                Robert A. Mitchell with Phyllis Munro as Homicide Detectives.

                                               Talking to a couple of suspects.

Here is the trailer:

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