Sunday, January 9, 2011

ActionFest - The Festival With A Body Count

One of my favorite genres in film is the action film. Nothing beats a high speed chase through city streets, a gun battle, the odd explosion, perhaps a fight in which one dude fights five other dudes. In short, nothing gets the heart rate up and you on the edge of your seat faster then an amazing jaw-dropping action sequence.

If you have not heard there is a new festival that more then appreciates a good action film, ActionFest - The festival with a body count. ActionFest marked it's inaugural year last year. The festival takes place in beautiful Asheville, NC and this year falls on April 7-10, 2011.

What is also amazing about ActionFest is that this years profits, all 100% of them will be going to the Chuck Norris' Foundation Kickstart Kids. ActionFest will donate 100% of this year’s profits to the charity and attendees will have the opportunity to make individual donations as well. Giving a child hope is one thing, but teaching them to find the strength inside themselves to overcome adversity is the greatest adventure of all.

I am also quite honored to announce that I am one of a great team of contributors to the recently launched ActionFest Blog. The blog with a body count. You can check out the blog here. I hope to see you in Asheville this upcoming April.