Saturday, April 14, 2018

JAMES DEAN'S INDIANA: My visit to Fairmount & Marion, Indiana

                                James Dean 1955                      Robert Mitchell 2018
                                Intersection of Main & Washington Streets Fairmount, Indiana

A couple of days ago I decided to make the drive from Bloomington, IN north to Fairmount and Marion, Indiana to walk around the hometown and birthplace of iconic actor James Dean. The drive is about 2 and half hours and took me through Indianapolis. Once north of Indy you are in the flat farmlands that many think of when one thinks of Indiana. I stopped in Fairmount first and The James Dean Gallery. I spent some time there looking through many items, The fence from Rebel Without A Cause is there and many other items, such as many items and photos from James Dean youth, a picture from his high school basketball days is a standout. Here are a selection of my photos.

                The Winslow Farm where James Dean spent his youth in Fairmount, IN.

                                                 The friendly horses at Winslow Farm.

                                                                 Winslow Farm

                                          The James Dean Gallery. Fairmount, Indiana

                       Cleopatra loves to hangout with visitors at The James Dean Gallery.

                     Bust of James Dean at James Dean Memorial Park. Fairmount, Indiana

                                       James Dean Birth Site Memorial. Marion, Indiana

James Dean's Gravesite at Park Cemetery