Monday, October 5, 2015

THE DEVIL'S CANDY World Premiere Interviews Director Sean Byrne, Actor Ethan Embry with Robert A. Mitchell

It took six long years for Sean Byrne (The Loved Ones) to fully realize his sophomore feature film The Devil's Candy but the wait was worth it. Sean is a consummate gentlemen and a film craftsman. His first feature The Loved Ones was so well received at the Midnight Madness program at the Toronto International Film Festival that it won the inaugural Midnight Madness People's Choice award. The anticipation was high at the World Premiere and the film delivered. Robert A. Mitchell spoke with Mr. Byrne and actor Ethan Embry about The Devil's Candy.

From Sean Byrne on how to see the film this weekend! Horror fans and metal heads of the USA, THE DEVIL’S CANDY releases tomorrow. If you want to fully experience the wall of dread closing in on you then see it in these theaters: 3/17/17 Arena Cinelounge - Hollywood, CA 3/17/17 IFC Center - New York, NY 3/24/17 Coolidge Corner Theatre - Brookline (Boston), MA 3/24/17 Gateway Film Center - Columbus, OH 3/24/17 SIE Film Center - Denver, CO 3/24/17 Alamo Drafthouse Mason Park - Katy (Houston), TX 3/24/17 Valley Art - Tempe (Phoenix), AZ 3/31/17 Alamo Ritz - Austin, TX 3/31/17 Loft Cinema Twin - Tuscon, AZ 3/31/17 Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Winchester - Washington, DC 4/14/17 Celebration Cinema Grand Rapids North & IMAX - Grand Rapids, MI 4/14/17 Celebration Cinema 11 - Mt Pleasant (Flint), MI 4/14/17 Studio C! Meridian Mall - Okemos (Lansing), MI 4/14/17 Celebration Crossroads 15 - Portage (Kalamazoo), MI 4/28/17 Guild Cinema - Albuquerque, NM If it’s not playing at a theater near you then the Devil will visit your home on these digital platforms from tomorrow: iTunes Amazon Sony Google Xbox Vudu Comcast Cablevision Charter TW Direct AT&T