Saturday, May 14, 2011

ActionFest 2011. A small collection of still photographs.

In April I attended the second ActionFest in Asheville, North Carolina as a videographer/blogger. I fell in love with Asheville and the surrounding area immediately. As I write this I have finally begun the process of editing and uploading my footage. Looking through my stills I figured I would share some here:

           Festival Director Colin Geddes with the "Foam Warriors" at the opening night ceremonies.

Legendary Stuntman Buddy Joe Hooker at the tribute to Buddy Joe Hooker panel.

Actor/Director Michael Jai White at the NEVER BACK DOWN 2 Q&A
Richard Ryan (Swordmaster on TROY, stunts on THE DARK KNIGHT, Fight coordinator on SHERLOCK HOLMES (2009)

Kung Fu Expert Ric Myers (right) at the introduction for FILMS OF FURY with Festival Director Colin Geddes.

Fight coordinator Larnell Stovall at the Modern Day Fight Coordinators panel.

Trish Stratus, Andrea James Lui and director Patrick McBrearty at the BAIL ENFORCERS Q&A

Buddy Joe Hooker (left) with his lifetime achievement award with Festival Founder Aaron Norris.

Festival Founder Aaron Norris working the crowd during the Stunt Show.