Friday, October 10, 2014

Midnight Madness 2014 Robert A. Mitchell Photo Gallery Kevin Smith Mark Hartley Jalmari Helander Manuela Velasco

                         Talking to Kevin Smith at the World Premiere of Tusk. 09/06/14

                       Talking to Director of Big Game Jalmari Helander. 09/05/14

               Talking to Director of Big Game Jalmari Helander and Actor Onni Tommila. 09/05/14

                                            Interviewing Director of Cub Jonas Govaerts.

                    Speaking with actress Maika Monroe from the film It Follows. 09/07/14

                          Interviewing [REC]4 Director Jaume Balagueró. 09/09/14

                                 Talking to [REC]4 Actress Manuela Velasco. 09/09/14

              Interviewing Writers/Directors of The Editor Adam Brooks & Matthew Kennedy.

     Talking to Mark Hartley Director of Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films.

             With Documentary Filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer & Adi from The Look Of Silence.

                    With La French Director Cédric Jimenez following the world premiere.